Animals in the Wild competition winners

The Inaugural Animals in the Wild Photographic Competition announced it’s winners in Narooma over the weekend. The exhibition was a great success, with the competition receiving an overwhelming number of entries, of very high quality which portray some of Australia’s most beautiful animals.

See below for the list of winners selected by renowned Australian photographer Rex Dupain and his judging comments.

Winner of Category A: The most beautiful image of an animal in the wild in Australia


Kookaburra in Flight by Tony Slattery

Judging comments: The picture of the kookaburra seems larger than life with its frozen pin sharp detail, enabling us to admire the bird as an aeronautical wonder.


Winner of Category B: The image that most evokes a connection with an animal in the wild in Australia

Eastern Grey Kangaroos in Namadgi National Park 2

Eastern Grey Kangaroos by Nick Hopkins

Judging comments: A classic Australian scene consisting of half a dozen kangaroos, a gum tree and a vista of distant blue hills. I wish I was there!



Highly Commended in Category B

Great Egret by Clive M Collins

Judging comments: A picture about flight as an egret ascends from the water and flies into a turquoise mist. There is movement in the wings amongst the seductive colour and we are left marvelling at this beautiful transition from water to air.



Winner of Category C: The image that conveys the threats facing native animals in Australia


Grass Owl by Michael Dahlem

Judging comments: A remarkable, warm toned picture of an owl rising over a field. The working harvester in the background has disturbed this native bird and it has flown accordingly, no doubt to quieter pastures.

Winner of Category D: The image that best conveys the reality of the hunting, guns and killing culture in Australia

moor water hen with arrow

Moor Waterhen with Arrow by Christine Moss

Judging comments: Set in Arcadia this waterhen struggles with an arrow that runs straight through its centre. Fortunately for us you cant see the distress in the bird’s eye, but you can see its blue/ black silhouette that has acted as a target for an archer who no doubt was overjoyed by his or her bull’s eye.

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